Troubleshooting Email Delivery

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Troubleshooting Email Delivery

Professional Version Only

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The vast majority of email issues can be traced back to an incorrect email profile.  When you send email, the profile you use tells MemberTies what server to use, how to log in, how to authenticate, and how to send.  If anything is wrong, your mail server, not MemberTies, will reject the message.

Basic Checks

Here are the most common email mistakes:

Did not click the Test button on the Email Profile window to test the settings.  If the test fails, it will be impossible to send email.

Did not set a user name/password for SMTP Connection Settings

Used the MemberTies user name and password instead of the user name and password provided by your Internet Service Provider for your mail server.

Set the "From" and/or "Reply To" values on the email profile to normal names, rather than email addresses.  i.e., used "John Smith" instead of

Did not enabled SSL when the mail server requires it.

Most ISPs will have a website with a support area that provides the information you need to create a valid email profile.  They will provide the SMTP server name, the port to use, whether to use SSL and StartTLS, etc.

The best way to troubleshoot other email errors is to edit your email profile and set Logging to "Detailed." This will record every communication to and from the mail server.  You should only use this for troubleshooting, because the logged data may include your user name and password, and potentially other details that shouldn't be left laying about.

Enabling/Using the Log

1.Enable the Detailed Log on your email profile (see Working with Email Profiles for details)

2.Send an email message.

3After sending completes, open the log file.  The log will be saved to your Log directory, typically Documents\MemberTies\Logs\mt_email_log.txt.
Note: If your computer does not know how to open .log files, right-click the file and choose Open With, and then pick Notepad or your favorite text editor.
4Review the log.  Typically you will see an entry that tells you what is wrong. For example, this message appeared in the log even with Standard logging, when we didn't use an app password for a Gmail account:

03/02/2022 1:59:09 PM: ****************************************************************************
03/02/2022 1:59:09 PM: Processing Email Queue 3
03/02/2022 1:59:09 PM: ****************************************************************************
03/02/2022 1:59:09 PM: Standard logging enabled.
03/02/2022 1:59:09 PM: Connecting...
03/02/2022 1:59:09 PM: Connection successful.
03/02/2022 1:59:09 PM: Unable to login to server account: An application specific password is required to use this email account.
Refer to the help pages for your email provider for instructions to create an application password, then use that password 

for your email profile.
03/02/2022 1:59:24 PM: Connecting...
03/02/2022 1:59:25 PM: Connection successful.
03/02/2022 1:59:25 PM: Queue 3 completed with status: Failed. Sent: 0 Failed: 1
03/02/2022 1:59:25 PM: *** End ***


This message sequence makes it clear what we need to do.  After changing the password to a google app password, we sent a message successfully:

03/02/2022 2:08:23 PM: ****************************************************************************
03/02/2022 2:08:23 PM: Processing Email Queue 4
03/02/2022 2:08:23 PM: ****************************************************************************
03/02/2022 2:08:23 PM: Standard logging enabled.
03/02/2022 2:08:23 PM: Connecting...
03/02/2022 2:08:24 PM: Connection successful.
03/02/2022 2:08:24 PM: Sending message.
03/02/2022 2:08:24 PM: Connecting...
03/02/2022 2:08:24 PM: Connection successful.
03/02/2022 2:08:24 PM: Sending message.
03/02/2022 2:08:25 PM: Queue 4 completed with status: Sent. Sent: 1 Failed: 0
03/02/2022 2:08:25 PM: *** End ***


There are, of course, a lot things that can go wrong when sending email. If none of the above helps, send an email to with a copy of the email log and a screen shot of your email profile, and we'll try to help.