Saving Criteria

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Saving Criteria

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Basic and Advanced criteria can be saved and then reloaded later when you want to run a particular search again.  This is particularly helpful for complex searches that take a lot of time to set up.  The Load and Save buttons are located at the bottom of the search window next to the Clear All button (which clears the criteria).

Saving Query Criteria

1.After your criteria is working correctly, click Save.

2.The Save Query window enables you to enter a new name, or to select an existing saved query name from the list.  You can also specify that the query is to be the default, loaded automatically.

3.Click Save to store the query for reuse.

Loading Saved Criteria

1.To reload the search, click the "Load" button.

2.If you would like to edit (rename or change the default status) or delete a saved query, you can do so.

3.Select the desired query.

4.Click Load.  The search window will refresh itself to display the appropriate basic or advanced search screen with the selected criteria loaded.