Reports Ribbon Bar

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Reports Ribbon Bar

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The ribbon enables you to access report functionality that isn't part of the actual report engine (which has its own toolbar).

The Reports Ribbon

The Reports Ribbon

The general use of each button is described below. Click any option to go to the help for that area.

Open - open an existing report

Settings - opens the Settings window for the report to modify search criteria or other settings

Search In - search for text anywhere in the report

Setup - opens the printer setup window for the current printer

Preview - toggles the report display between Normal and Print Preview modes

Print - prints the active report

Reload - rebuilds the report using it's definition (most useful when modifying a user report) and then retrieves data using the current settings

Refresh - re-retrieves data for the report using the current settings

User Reports* - opens the User Reports list

Clear Receipts* - clears all receipt flags in the database that were set to enable a bulk printing


* Professional Version Only