Report Preferences

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Report Preferences

Setting Report Preferences

1.Choose the Home workspace by clicking the Home tab above the ribbon.

2.In the Settings section of the ribbon, click Preferences

3.When the System Preferences window opens, expand the Reports section of the hierarchy on the left.

4.The following preferences are available:

Auto-Open List - controls whether the Choose Report window opens immediately when accessing the Reports workspace

Default Logo - sets the default logo graphic that will be displayed on all system and user-defined reports that can display a logo.  The graphic should be square, roughly 144 x 144 pixels. Note that any shape of logo can be stored as a square graphic. Just create a square white box, and place the logo inside it. If you don't include a border on your image, nobody will be able to tell that the white space is part of the image

Extra Label Info

oCustom Text - text to display in the upper right corner of system mailing labels if the Info Type is set to Custom Text.  This value is ignored for all other Info Type settings.

oInfo Type - the type of information to display in the upper right corner of system mailing labels. If Custom Text is selected, the label will show the value set in the Custom Text preference.

Hide Default Country - controls whether the system will prevent the country name or code from displaying on addresses if the country matches the default country code. See Countries for more information. If you have set the default country to be your own country of residence, selecting this option essentially means the country will only be displayed for foreign addresses.

Show Company Name - controls whether the company name is shown along with the member name.

Tag Line - controls the default tag line to be displayed at the bottom of printed reports

Use Alt Name - controls when the Alt Name on a member record takes precedence over the first/last name on reports. This can be set specifically for Cards, Labels, and General system reports, as well as for user reports & views.

5.Click Save after changing settings.
Note: The Auto-Save Preference Changes preference controls whether the system saves each preference automatically when changes are made.

6.When finished, click Close.