Removing Email Addresses

Professional Version Only

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Removing Email Addresses

Professional Version Only

If you send an email and receive a "bounce" back indicating the address is not valid, you can use the "Remove Address" window to automatically search for the member and/or group records containing the invalid address, move the address to the Comments field, and even precede the new comment with text like, "Not Valid:"

Note: MemberTies does not receive email itself. Any bounce back messages will arrive at the "reply to" address in whatever email software you normally use.

The following fields are available:

Specific Address - a specific address to find and remove

Addresses in File - if you have a text file containing a list of invalid addresses (one per line), click the Browse icon and choose the file. All addresses in the file will be processed.

Move to Comments - controls whether the found address is copied to the Comments field of the Member/Group record.

Additional Comment Text - additional text to add to the comment, preceding the email address. For example, if this field contains "Not Valid:", the comment stored on the record will be similar to "Not Valid:"

Removing Addresses

1.Enter the address or open a list of addresses to remove

2.Click Save to begin the process of finding and removing addresses. The total number removed will display in the lower left when the process is complete.

3.Repeat the process for any other addresses or lists.

4.Click Cancel when finished.