Organization Preferences

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Organization Preferences

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These preferences help the system know how your organization works.

Setting Organization Preferences

1.Choose the Home workspace by clicking the Home tab above the ribbon.

2.In the Settings section of the ribbon, click Preferences

3.When the System Preferences window opens, expand the Organization section of the hierarchy on the left.

4.The following preferences are available:

Name of Organization - sets the name of the your organization as it should appear on all reports. If you have a license and have applied it to a database profile, the organization name on the license is automatically used and cannot be changed.
See Registering for more information about registration and licensing. See Maintaining Database Profiles for information about applying licenses to database profiles.

Return Address - controls the return mailing address for the organization. This address is used in conjunction with the organization name on account statement reports, for example.

Year Begin Month - controls the month on which the organization's year begins. This is used on the Dues Calculator when prorating dues, and for the "Fiscal Year" date ranges (i.e., current fiscal year, etc.).  If this preference is not set, the default is January.

5.Click Save after changing settings.
Note: The Auto-Save Preference Changes preference controls whether the system saves each preference automatically when changes are made.

6.When finished, click Close.