Upgrade or Reinstall Login

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Upgrade or Reinstall Login

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This topic applies to you if you have reinstalled the software, or have installed an upgrade to the software (i.e., upgraded to a new release).

Note: If you are running any sort of firewall or anti-virus software on your computer, read this.

Reinstalling the Software

When reinstalling or upgrading the software, you should normally use the suggested installation location. The installation wizard will normally use the existing location.

Note: If the installation wizard chooses to install to the Program Files folder instead of Program Files (x86), that is fine, just be sure to use the same folder name within that. i.e., if the old installation was in "Program Files (x86)\MemberTies", the new location should be "Program Files\MemberTies".  This is because the server files are expected to be in a folder by the same name under ProgramData. So as long as sub-folder stays the same, everything will be found normally.

After installing MemberTies, you should be able to simply log in to your database using whatever user name and password you were using before.  If your previous installation was older than the version you are installing, the system will probably upgrade the database to make it compatible with the current version.