Miscellaneous Preferences

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Miscellaneous Preferences

Miscellaneous Preferences either apply to more than one area of the application, or just do not merit a category of their own.

Setting Miscellaneous Preferences

1.Choose the Home workspace by clicking the Home tab above the ribbon.

2.In the Settings section of the ribbon, click Preferences

3.When the System Preferences window opens, expand the Miscellaneous section of the hierarchy on the left.

4.The following preferences are available:

Auto-Save Preference Changes - controls whether changes to a given preference are saved as soon as the selected preference changes. When this is on it can simplify clicking through and making changes to multiple preferences.

Default Browser - sets the web browser used for opening help pages or other websites. By default, the Windows default is used, but some users may have html files set to open in a text editor or something similar.  This enables you to define an actual web browser, i.e., Edge, Chrome, etc.

Default Item Date - controls whether the date on new items defaults to the current date

Folder Locations - controls the default file location used for exports, imports, backups, downloads, attachments, etc.

Language - sets the language used for certain words. Essentially changes "check" to "cheque", "ZIP Code" to "Postal Code", etc. between US and UK English.

Remove Blank Lines* - controls whether, on a document or email, a line is automatically removed if it only contained an embedded field and that field value is blank.

Save Window Settings - controls whether the system should save the size and position of windows when they are closed.  If you frequently switch between a small and large screen, or different resolutions, it may help to leave this turned off.

5.Click Save after changing settings.

6.When finished, click Close.

* Professional Version Only