Login Problems

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Login Problems

If you experience problems logging in to MemberTies, it is normally caused by one of the following:

A firewall or anti-virus program may be preventing the server from starting. If you are running any sort of firewall or anti-virus software on your computer, read this.

Too many connections: If the Active Connections window appears, it means the number of seats allowed by your license are already in use.  You won't be able to log in until someone else logs off.

Improper Case: You are not typing the password in the proper case, i.e., the Caps Lock key may be on. This is the most common problem.

Illegal User: You are trying to use a user name/password combination that is not valid or does not exist on the selected database.

Invalid Database: The database selected in the Database list does not exist, or is not a MemberTies database. It could be an attempted restore that failed, or it could have been removed while your Login window was open. In this case, you should contact your MemberTies administrator.

Deleted User Name: Your user name has been deleted or deactivated. Contact your MemberTies administrator in this case.

Access/Permission Problems: your Windows user name may not have privileges to write to the installation folder under c:\ProgramData. This is rare, since it should be set up by the install wizard to allow everyone to access it. Try starting MemberTies as an Windows administrator and see if that fixes it. If so, check the privileges on the install folder or contact support if you continue to have problems.