Address Formats

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Address Formats

The way an address is displayed is based on the Country on the address, and you can adjust the format as needed using various keywords.

Maintaining Address Formats

1.On the Home ribbon, choose Lists from the Settings section.

2.On the System Lists window, expand the Addresses section.

3.Choose Address Formats.

4.Each address format is composed of five address lines:

5.Modify the list of formats as needed. The following fields are available:

Name - the name to use for the format

Line 1 - 5 - each address can have up to 5 lines of data. If you do not enter anything on a line, it will not be used (however, do not "skip" a line)
Any one or more of the following keywords can be entered on a line, exactly as shown including the [brackets], or the line can be left blank:

o[ADDRESS] - will be replaced with the street address

o[CITY] - will be replaced with the city name

o[STATE] - will be replaced with the state/province abbreviation

o[COUNTY] - will be replaced with the county name

o[POSTCODE] - will be replaced with the ZIP/Postal Code

o[COUNTRY] - will be replaced with the country name

Default - indicates the default address format to be used for any country without a defined format

The Sample Address area shows a representation of how the address will appear. Be sure to include any spaces, punctuation, etc., as needed in the format. Only the bracketed value will be replaced when the format is used; everything else is reproduced as-is.