Maintaining Activity Locations

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Maintaining Activity Locations

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Locations are used with Activities to specify where the activity taking place. Since Locations are more than just place names, they are maintained separately for easy reuse.

Note: You cannot delete a location if it is used on a record; however, you can make it Inactive, which will prevent it from displaying in the selection list when creating new activities. (If an existing activity is using the location and the location is made inactive, it will still show on the existing activity, but if the location is subsequently changed, the inactive location will not be available for reselection.)

Maintaining Activity Locations

1.On the Home ribbon, choose Lists from the Settings section.

2.On the System Lists window, expand the Activities section.

3.Choose Activity Locations.

4.Modify the list as needed. The following fields are available:

Name - The name of the location, i.e., "Palace Hotel", "Bob's House", "City Park", etc.

Code - the code is an abbreviation for the activity that can be used on lists or reports when space is at a premium

Type - lists available location types defined in the database. See Location Types for more information.

Active - Indicates whether the location is active and available for new activities. You can use this option to remove a location that is in use on existing activities, since it cannot be deleted.

Description - A description of the location. This could be used for the address or other basic details.

Comments - General comments about the location, i.e., "Unavailable on major holidays", or "Hours: M-F 8:00 -12:00"