General Info Page

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General Info Page

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This page contains basic contact information for the group.


The following fields are available:

Group Name - the name of the group

Contact Name - a primary contact name

Type - the general type or category of the group. See Group Types for details.

Address - the group address. See Address Overview for details about entering addresses.

Other Phone 1 & 2 - groups provide for two additional phone numbers in addition to the standard number saved with the address

Email - the group general email address

Website - the group website

Comments - general details about the group

Date Established - the date the group was initially created

Include in Mailings - indicates whether the group should be selected on mailing label reports

Report Default - indicates whether the group should be the default selected group on reports that include the group name as criteria. Only one group can be identified as the default.

Auto-Associate - indicates whether all new member records should be associated to the group automatically

Yearly Dues - the yearly dues amount for membership in the group