File List Page

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File List Page

You can link one or more files to a group. This is convenient for things like ledgers, notes, maps, or any other file stored on your PC.

Note: Any file stored on your computer can be associated with the record. The file is either stored as a link to the physical file, or stored in the database, depending on the File & Photo Storage database preference.  If you are storing files and photos in the database, be sure to keep file sizes as small as possible to avoid dramatically increasing the database size.

This page provides a standard dual view of data, showing the list of existing records on the top, and the details below. See Editing Records for more information.

To create a new record, click Add; or, select an existing record and click Edit, or Delete.

The following fields are available:

File - click the folder icon to the right of the field to select a file from your computer or network. After selecting, the system will try to use the file name as the description, and the full path will appear in the field.

Description - you can keep the suggested name or enter your own description for the file

Date Added - defaults to the current date, but can be changed.

When you save your changes, the system checks your File and Photo Storage preference. If the preference is set to store the file in the database, the file size is checked against the limit set in the preference, and if acceptable, the file is converted, stored and "(Database)" displays as the new file name to indicate the storage location.  If the preference is set to keep the file on your computer, the full path will remain.

Note: If a record is deleted from the File List it will not affect a physical file located on your computer. The deletion only removes the database record.