Unattended Mode

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Unattended Mode

Professional Version Only

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If you have membership cards created with a Member ID barcode, and those IDs have been entered on the corresponding membership records, you are ready to let people check in or out of an activity without intervention by you.  This means you could setup a card reader at the entrance to an activity, and as people scan their cards, MemberTies will automatically find the appropriate membership record and create an activity attendance entry for them (in Check In mode) or check them out of the activity (in Check Out mode). A third option, "Smart Mode", lets the system determine whether to check them in or out.

The Unattended Mode section of the Front Desk ribbon is enabled when using this mode, and the rest of the ribbon is unavailable.

Unattended mode is an extension of the Front Desk window. It uses the check-in settings defined on the main window. Only the activity can (potentially) be changed (see Options below)

There are several options that should be verified or set to control the behavior of this mode, including a temporary password, logging options, and more.

Configuring Options

The following fields are available:

Operating Mode

oCheck-In - each scan will create a new check-in for the member

oCheck-Out - each scan will find and close any open check-ins for the member

oSmart Mode - each scan will cause the system to check whether any open check-ins exist.  If found, they will be checked-out, otherwise, a new check-in will be created.

Stop on Error or Not Found - controls whether the Unattended Mode window will stop allowing scans when an error occurs or a record is not found. If this is not selected, a message will be displayed briefly that no match is found, and then the system will accept the next scan.

Use Not Found Log - controls whether invalid searches are logged to the Not Found log. This enables you to then click the Log button on the ribbon or run the Activity Check-In Not Found report to find ID issues. Note that you can delete log entries via the window accessed via the Log button.

Terminator Key - Most bar code readers can be set to send a specific key press after each scan, typically an Enter key or a TAB key.  Identify the type of key the system should treat as the end of the scan.  If you are not sure, leave it set to the Enter key.

Welcome Message - Sets the large welcome message displayed in the top portion of the window. The default text is, "Welcome!".  This message will hold several lines of text if desired, though the limit is 50 total characters.

Waiting for Scan Message - the text that displays briefly while the system is waiting for the next card to be scanned. The default text is, "Ready - Waiting for Scan"

Allow Activity Selection - Select this option to display a search icon next to the read-only Activity field.  Users can click this icon to open another window to quickly change the activity prior to scanning their card. (For example, if members are coming in to work on one of several projects, this option will allow them to choose the project in question before scanning their card.)

Activity List Message - Sets the text displayed above the Activity field. For example, "Choose Activity..."

Optional Temporary Password - enables you to secure the window in this mode so someone cannot easily close it and access the rest of the system.  You will be prompted to enter the password if you try to click Close.
Note: When the Front Desk window is closed, any temporary password is erased. However if you return to Unattended Mode before closing the Front Desk window, you will be asked whether to continue using the existing password.


Testing a Scan

1.Verify and save Options if you haven't already done so.

2.Scan a card to be sure the system can recognize the input.  

If nothing appears on the screen, be sure everything is connected correctly and that the scanner is properly set up.  

If the member ID appears, but nothing happens, be sure the scanner is set up to terminate the scan with an Enter or Tab keystroke, and that the appropriate Terminator Key has been specified on the Options window.

If a "Not Found" message appears, try typing the ID manually into the scan field and press Enter.  If the record is found, then there is a problem with the output of your scanner.  If the record is not found, verify that a member record actually exists with that exact Member ID. If it does, contact Support.


Ending Unattended Mode

Click Close on the ribbon to return to the Front Desk. If you have defined a password via Options, you will be prompted for it.