Front Desk Overview

Professional Version Only

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Front Desk Overview

Professional Version Only

With MemberTies Professional, you can use a special "Front Desk" window to quickly search for members and check them into and out of activities.  

The Front Desk window is designed to simplify the use of bar-coded membership ID cards. (The assumption is that the ID cards contain a bar code with an ID encoded, and that the encoded ID matches the Member ID on some member record).

There is no requirement to have an ID card to use the Front Desk window. You can manually enter a value in any of the search fields.

In this example, a search was made for John Q Anyone, and he was checked in to the activity.

The Front Desk window appears to have four parts, but it is really divided into "search" at the top, and "check-in" at the bottom.

The Search area (top half) is dedicated to searching for and displaying brief details about a member or family member, prior to checking them in.

The Check-In area (bottom half) is dedicated to defining check-in details and actually checking someone in (or out) of an activity.

Complete details are found in the Search and Checking In/Out topics.