Firewall/Antivirus Notice

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Firewall/Antivirus Notice

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Initial Startup Issues

If you are using a firewall or antivirus software with a firewall component, you may receive a warning the first time you start the system. The warning will probably indicate that a program called mtmysqld.exe is attempting to connect to the internet or a network, and it will offer to block the program.

Do not block this program! The program it is referring to is the MemberTies database server, and it is part of the software installed on your computer. It is NOT on the internet like the message may imply.

If you block the program, the system will not be able to start or connect to any database.  You should respond to the warning by telling it to allow this program to run, because you need the database server to run.

The warning appears because the database server installed on your computer with uses the IP address of your computer (localhost) to identify itself.  No internet connection is being made, but since the firewall or anti-virus monitoring software notices the use of this address, it may display a warning. Unfortunately, the default "recommended" action is often to block the program, which is the wrong solution in this case.

If you have already blocked the program, the only solution is to open your firewall or anti-virus settings, find the list of blocked programs, and change it to be "allowed."