Financial Preferences

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Financial Preferences

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These preferences control various options associated with dues, donation, and activity postings. (Donation and Activity postings are only available with MemberTies Professional.)

Setting Database Preferences

1.Choose the Home workspace by clicking the Home tab above the ribbon.

2.In the Settings section of the ribbon, click Preferences

3.When the System Preferences window opens, expand the Database section of the hierarchy on the left.

4.The following preferences are available:

Allow Receipt Editing* - controls whether the Receipt Nbr and Book fields on posting records are editable. If this is off, the values are only generated by the Assign Now button, or by the system (see Display "Assign Now" option, below).

Application Fee - the application fee (if any) displayed on the Dues Calculator. This fee normally represents a one-time charge to new members of the organization. The Dues Calculator is accessible whenever new dues entries are being added to a membership record.

Debit/Credit Action* - controls the way debit and credit entries (Posting Types) affect accounts. This setting enables you to make them work according to your organization's accounting practices. Note that if you have existing posting entries, changing this setting may cause all balances to be recalculated.

Display "Assign Now" option - controls whether, when adding a posting using a Posting Type that generates a receipt, an "Assign Now" button will allow the receipt number to be generated and displayed immediately. If this option is off, the receipt number is not created until the posting is saved.

Receipt Book Numbers* - controls the optional "book number" assigned to receipt numbers generated by the system for various types of postings.  The "book number" is a way of grouping receipt numbers together.  It may represent a physical receipt book that has a finite number of pages, or you might use "2005" as the book number for all entries in the year 2005.  This preference also enables you to change the receipt number that will be used next.  That way, if you change the receipt book number, you can reset the receipt numbering to 1 to represent the start of a new book.
The receipt book/number is used on postings when the selected posting type is one that generates a receipt.

Suggest New End Date - controls whether the system should automatically suggest a new End Date for the membership record when dues are added. The suggested date will be the current End Date plus an indicated number of months. You can then choose to ignore or apply the incremented date. This can simplify data entry if a typical dues payment is going to extend the membership by a standard number of months.
Note: In the Professional version, an additional option lets you specify whether a new date should be suggested for debits, credits, or both posting type actions.

Update Status - controls whether the Update Status switch is turned on by default when posting new dues entries.

5.Click Save after changing settings.
Note: The Auto-Save Preference Changes preference controls whether the system saves each preference automatically when changes are made.

6.When finished, click Close.


* Professional Version Only