Viewing the Email Queue

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Viewing the Email Queue

Professional Version Only

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The email queue is used for sending email in the background, so the software isn't unavailable while working through a large list of messages.  Many times, email will go into the queue and be sent so quickly that the queue will always appear empty. But it is used in the background for all email, no matter the number of recipients.

Note: The email queue cannot indicate whether or not an email message has been delivered, simply because the system has no visibility into or control over that.  All MemberTies can do is format the message and hand it to your mail server for processing. What happens from there is out of our control.

Viewing the Email Queue

1.Choose the Members, Groups, or Activities workspace from the Home ribbon bar.

2.In the Email section of the ribbon, click Email Queue

3.The Email Queue window will open, listing any messages in the queue.

4.The queue is divided into two halves.

The top half lists each queue item.  This "item" is an email email message that will in turn be sent to multiple people.
Show Email - Select a queue item in this list and click Show Email to list the messages in the bottom half.

The bottom half shows each recipient of the queue item selected in the top list.

5.The queue includes the following options:

Refresh - queries the email queue and refreshes the display

Delete Queue - delete the entire queued item and all recipients within it.

Stop Message - stops processing of the selected queue item

Continue - continues processing of the selected queue item

Delete Recipient - deletes the selected recipient (has no effect if it has already been sent)

Include Sent Messages - controls whether the queue automatically hides messages as they are sent