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Documents Ribbon Bar

Professional Version Only

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The ribbon enables you to access document functionality that isn't part of the actual word processor (which has its own toolbar).

The Documents Ribbon

The Documents Ribbon

The general use of each button is described below. Click any option to go to the help for that area.

Open - open an existing saved document

Load - create a new document by importing file.  Many formats are supported, though the imported document may include formatting that is not compatible with the document tool. Reformatting may be necessary.

Add - add a new document

Delete - delete the active document

Save - save the active document

Save As - save the active document under a new name

Fields - toggles the display of available fields to embed in the document. When a field is inserted, the system will use the appropriate data for the associated member or group's record in place of that field.  

Page Setup - opens the document's Page Setup dialog to adjust margins, paper size, etc.

Setup - opens the printer setup window for the current printer

Print - prints the active document