Reloading System Tables

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Reloading System Tables

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If a system routine somehow gets corrupted, you may see a database error pop up similar to "The system seems to be missing files that should be installed."  In this case, running this tool may fix the issue. Normally you would only need to use this tool when directed by Support.

This tool tells the server to go through all system tables and refresh required system data. It will not affect any data that you can change, only "default" data needed by the system.  It also reloads all database routines used for system behavior and processing.

Reloading System Tables

1.Open the Database Toolkit

2.Choose Reload System Tables.


3.The following fields are available:

Database Profile - Lists the database profiles found on the computer.  Choose the one you want to work with.

Include Routines - On some computers, reloading all routines (stored procedures, functions) can make the tool take longer; but, you almost always want to reload them. This should be left as Yes unless there is a good reason to turn it off.

4.Click Reload Now