Copying a Member

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Copying a Member

When copying a member from the Membership List, a few options are available to control how much of the record is actually duplicated.

To Copy a Member

1.Choose the Members tab from the ribbon bar.

2.In the Records section of the ribbon choose Copy.

3.The Copy window will open so you can set the new name and options:

4.The following fields are available:

New Name - the first/middle/last name for the new member

Member ID - the member ID for the new member

Include All Addresses - controls whether non-active addresses of the existing member are copied. If this is off, only the active address is copied.

Include Associations - controls whether all associated members are associated to the new member

New Record Postings - controls whether to apply any "On New Record Save" postings tied to the status being copied to the new record

5.When ready to copy, click Save.