Choosing Random Members

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Choosing Random Members

The Choose Random Members window enables you to have the system randomly select a specific number of members from the currently displayed membership list.  For example, if you select a monthly winner from amongst all members who have donated more than $100, or all members who attended a specific activity, you can search for those members on the membership list, then use this window to pick a random winner from those results.

Choosing Random Members

1.Choose the Members tab from the ribbon bar.

2.In the list that opens, search for the set of records you want to select from, if necessary. See Searching for Records for details.

3.In the Misc section of the ribbon, click Random.

4.The Choose Random Members  window will open.

5.Enter the desired number of records and click "Choose."

6.The selected records will be displayed in the list.

To print the list, click Print.

To open any of the records for editing, select the desired record and click Edit.

7. When you're finished, click Close.