Activity Reports

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Activity Reports

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Activity Attendance by Day  

This report groups attendance by month, and then generates a graph by day of each month

Activity Attendance by Hour  

This report generates a graph of attendance by hour of day

Activity Balance by Type    

This report generates a graph of activity debit and credit balances by activity type.

Activity Balances        

This report lists the current balance for each activity.    

Activity by Attendee  

This report is groups attendance information by activity name. For each activity, attendees are listed in alphabetical order, including their attendance dates, role, and status.

Activity by Group    

This report displays activity attendance for all groups.  This report will list ALL groups, and all group members who have attended an activity. If no members have attended any activities, the report will indicate zero attendance.

Activity by Sponsor

This report is designed to display the activities with which a given member has been associated when they have been associated to a specific sponsor. The report groups data by sponsoring member first, then by activity, then by attending member. It then displays general attendance information about each attending member, including start/end date, total hours, role, status, and any guest names.

Activity Check-In Not Found  

This report displays the contents of the Unattended Mode "Not Found" log.

Activity Detail

This report displays complete information about an activity. Everything that appears on the Activity window is included, as well as additional details for the selected location.

Activity Hours by Attendee

This report is designed to display the activities with which a given member or friend/family member has been associated. The report groups data by attendee, and displays the activity start/end dates, the hours:minutes in attendance (based on the start/end date/time) and the role and attendance status.

Activity List

This report provides a brief line by line listing of each occurrence of an activity, including its start/end dates and location.

Activity Postings by Attendee

This report lists activity postings per attendee, grouped by activity.

Activity Receipt

The receipt report can be generated for one or more posting records.  It is formatted such that the attendee address will appear in a standard window envelope, and the return address of your group is displayed on the report. (If you haven't set your group's return address, see Organization Preferences.)

If you have marked entries for receipt printing by selecting the "Mark for Printing" option for the "Print Receipt" field, you can use report criteria similar to:

Print Receipt = ON


to retrieve all of the marked records

Activity Sponsor Counts

This report provides a brief listing by sponsor of all members they have sponsored, the activity it was for, and the date.  Totals are provided by sponsor.

Note: The Date displays the attendance start date, or the activity start date if there was no date on the attendance entry itself.

Activity Statistics by Gender

This report generates various graphs by Gender. Graphs are available by Age, Guest Count, and Income/Expenses.

Activity Summary

This report is an extension of the Activity List report. In addition to dates and locations, this report displays the total income, total expenses, balance, and attendance.

Activity Type by Attendee

This report lists activity attendance information for each attendee, grouped by type of activity.