Searching (Activity List)

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Searching (Activity List)

The search function enables you to search for a subset of activity records to display on the list.  If you only have a few dozen records, this may never even be necessary.  

Searching for Records

1.On the Activity ribbon, choose Search.

See the Search Overview for more details about using the Search window.

2.Enter your search criteria or choose Load to reload a previously saved search.
Note: The search window always opens with the Basic search layout. You should think of a basic search as a "this and this and this" style of query. In other words, i the example above we selected "*dinner*" for the activity name (meaning the name has to include the word "dinner" somewhere) and chose Location Type = "Hotel/Motel". So the search essentially find all dinners held at hotels, but not dinners held anywhere else.  So if an activity is called "Monthly Dinner"  but the location type is "Beach", it will not be found.
If you would rather create a more complex advanced search, click Advanced Search in the upper right to change the layout.

See the search overview for complete details about using basic and advanced searches.

3.When you have entered or loaded your search criteria, click Search. The results will appear on the list behind the window, and if it looks good, you can close the window. (If the Auto-Close box was ticked before you clicked Search, the window will close automatically.)