• License Renewal (per seat)

Renew the seats on your existing license at a discount from the cost of a new license.  

A license is valid for one year. It unlocks the program to allow more than a limited number of records, and entitles you to program updates and support. A license includes a single seat by default, but you may have added more seats to it. After a year, you can renew the seats on the license in order to continue receiving license benefits for another year.

Professional and Standard licenses renew at the same cost.

Example: If you have a 3 seat license, you would need to purchase 3 renewals (that's one renewal per seat).

Please Note: Licenses are not generic and are not sent instantly. We have to receive notification from the bank that a payment has processed, fraud checks have succeeded, etc.  Many things can delay this, so please allow 3-4 hours for processing at which time your order status will no longer be pending.

Delivery Method License Email
Fulfillment Time Up to 24 hrs depending on bank response. Typically 3-4 hours.

License Renewal (per seat)

  • $69.00

  • 5 or more $65.00

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