• Automatic Backup (Monthly)

Add the automatic backup service to your existing database hosting service. The backup service is an option when ordering hosting, but if you would like to add it afterward, this product enables you to purchase however many months you need.

The automatic backup service ensures that your hosted database is backed up on a daily basis.  We keep rotating daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly backups of your database so you have a way to restore data in the event of an unexpected loss.  Such a loss might be caused by a user accidentally deleting a large number of members rather than just the ones intended, or making a mass change that can't be easily reversed.

You are always able to make normal backups yourself from within MemberTies, which will be stored in the location of your choice.

Delivery Method Email Acknowledgement
Fulfillment Time 2 hours

Automatic Backup (Monthly)

  • $5.00

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