• Standard License (New)

A new license to use the standard version of MemberTies software.

Every organization has a single license, but that license can include one or more seats.  The number of seats on a license controls how many of your users can log in to the database at the same time.  This is an important detail... the license isn't "per user", it is "per concurrent login."  So if you set up 10 users, and you know only three of them will typically need to be logged in at the same time, you would need a license with three seats, not ten.  That way any three of your users can be logged in at the same time.

If a user tries to log in and all the seats are in use, they'll receive an error message telling them who is already logged in.

Additional seats may be purchased separately.  If you need to add seats to an existing license later, we will send you an updated license keyed to support the new quantity of seats.

Note that to support multiple users, you will need to setup the system on a network or have us host the database (see Database Hosting) so everyone can access it.  Details for setting up a multi-user system are provided in the documentation.

A license is valid for one year. It unlocks the program to allow more than a limited number of records, and entitles you to program updates and support. A license includes a single seat by default, but you may have added more seats to it. After a year, you can renew the seats on the license in order to continue receiving license benefits for another year. (The renewal cost is heavily discounted compared to the cost of a new license.)

Please Note: Licenses are not generic and are not sent instantly. We have to receive notification from the bank that a payment has processed, fraud checks have succeeded, etc.  Many things can delay this, so please allow 3-4 hours for processing at which time your order status will no longer be pending.

Delivery Method License Email
Fulfillment Time Up to 24 hrs depending on bank response. Typically 3-4 hours.

Standard License (New)

  • $99.00

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