Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a license valid?

A license is valid for one year. It unlocks the program to allow more than a limited number of records, and entitles you to program updates and support. A license includes a single seat by default, but you may have added more seats to it. After a year, you can renew the seats on the license in order to continue receiving license benefits for another year.

The renewal is per-seat, so if you have a 3-seat license, you would purchase three renewals. 

How long does it take to receive my order?

  • Licenses and Renewals
    Licenses and license renewals are generated by hand, so you will not receive an instant generic license code to enter.

    We have to wait for the payment to be processed through your bank, at which time we receive a notice of a successful purchase and the order goes into the queue to be processed.  If you do not provide the organization name when when ordering a new license, we will have to send a followup email to get this information before we can create the license.  If you do not provide the current licensed organization when renewing a license, we will try to find your record based on your name or email address before sending a followup email.  If you do not remember the name you licensed the software to, it is always displayed on the Help > About MemberTies window within the software.

    Based on all of this, we say to allow up to 24 hours to receive a license; but, in reality most licenses are sent with 3 or 4 hours of ordering. If you have not received a license within 24 hours, please contact us.

  • Hosting Services

    Database hosting requires time for us to set up the server and create your account, login, and security settings.  You should allow up to half a day for us to complete this process.  Hosting renewals happen immediately because nothing changes on the server itself unless you want us to change your master user or password.

Do I need two licenses if I have two users?

No. No customer has more than a single license.  A license may, however, contain more than one "seat".  So if you have two users who need to log in at the same time, you would have a two seat license.  

What is the difference between the standard and professional version?

Please see the feature comparison on our website, here.